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The best location for the Tango in Greece

tango dance in Greece JFor a while now, I have tried to evaluate the best location for the Tango in Greece. Athens and Thessaloniki keep bothering my mind on which really comes number one in creating the best venue for Tango. I have therefore decided to give an in-depth analysis of the two as I try to point out the best location for the dance. Before we I start my exploration on the two and evaluating the best for Tango, have a clue of article content listed below

The tango is a dance that shows a love that is frustrated and the fatality of human beings. However, the dance was not serious in the initial days. It gained essence later. Milonga is a dance that uses all the styles and tricks in tango but gives the dancer a chance to relax the body and the legs.

I have realized that both Athens and Thessaloniki have plenty of places for Tango. They also have several sensational sights that make the dance lively and relaxing. In Athens for example, there are places like Blue Fox, Shamone, Tiki Athens, Sodade, Bogart. Bolivar and Palenque among many others.

On the same note, I have prepared you some places for the Tango in Thessaloniki. They include Tango Bar, Stearin Street Bar, Sunset Bar, Summer 2018 among a handful others that give people a chance to enjoy Tango.

Athens has had opportunities to organize several Tango dance events. Actually, the 4th great tango dance was held in Athens last year bringing together great dancers and leading couples from Turkey and Argentina. I feel that the event gives this town an upper hand in tango. I also would like you to note that Athens has a Milonga night every Monday. Well, I might not be comfortable for tango during the first day of the week but the Athenians really find it cool. After 10 o’clock every Monday, there is tango and people really dance. The streets are normally deserted for the tango. In almost an equal measure, Milonga is played every Sunday in Thessaloniki. The events are held in different places where Greeks show their passion in Tango dance as they relieve themselves the week's burdens.

Sometimes I tend to believe that Athens wins the argument due to the tango organization there. It is incredible to note that the tango dance people are able to even organize marathons. A good example was the one organized in 2015 in the town. People danced for three days, shared experiences, and had very unique moments. From the above, I would say that Athens is a better location for tango dance and would not hesitate to recommend it for tango lovers. It has a variety of places and sensational tango instruments to give people the best experience in tango.