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The modern politics concerning Milongas and Tango

Milonga JThe Tango and Milonga dances have been very popular. However, there are a lot of politics that are surrounding the dance. A lot of has been said about it citing different reasons as to why the tango and Milonga have been misused and deflected from their traditional purpose. I have prepared you an article that digs deep into unearthing these politics. To simplify the content of this article, I found it wise to give you a breakdown of the aspects covered in it.

The point here is that the Tango dance has ceased to be what it really used to be. It was once a chance of a typical man to have an intimate encounter with a woman. It was also meant to give a woman a chance to feel the seductive expression of a man through dancing. However, things have undergone a lot of change, and the dance has been extrapolated to meet and fulfill many other issues in society.

I have realized that the Tango and Milonga today is done for entertainment purposes. People lost the initial purpose and started dancing for entertainment. The dance is done every now and then in bars and other dancing places every time The focus here is not to express intimacy but to relax and enjoy oneself.

Tango has been involved in other activities. For example, marathons have been organized in the name of Tango in places like Athens. This changes the purpose of the original Tango dance from a social and expressive mood to a competitive one This is an extrapolation of the Tango that people don't really like. I must say that Tango and the Milonga are now used to meet new people and make friends. People attend Milonga nights simply because they want to have talks with new faces and make new friends. They want to meet beautiful ladies and share dancing classes with them but not giving the dance a chance to have its core and traditional purpose.

The Milonga and the Tango today are used to strengthen the leg muscles. The type of dance moves done today is equal to a mountain hike that leaves your muscles stretched and hence strong. This is due to the dancing activity done in parties and nightclubs. It could be equated to a gymnasium activity. As I wind up, I also must say that the Milonga and the Tango are being used as a great show creation tool. Selected few and talented dancers occupy the stage as a huge crowd watches other dancers engage the people all the time. This is why people interested in the dances are spending quite a good amount of time in dance classes to perfect their skills. All these are some of the politics surrounding the dance. People no longer dance to experience those intimate moments but for a dozen reasons.