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We love and live for the Tango.

Tango HThis website was started to bring together people from anywhere in the world who are passionate about the Tango and also are lucky enough to be proud and Greek. We hope to inspire more people to learn how to Tango and encourage those who do to share it with others. It has given our country more value and a richness that helps relieve the economic stress that has plagued the country for so long. This is our team who supports the richness of an old fashioned Greek Milonga!

Karen Kostas aka"Jungle"

"Be brave and take risks." This is the mantra that I live by I believe that with a brave heart, one's possibilities are totally infinite and with no limits to what they could achieve in life! Honestly speaking, I would not be a Tango dancer if I had not followed my heart. If I had followed the norm like the rest of my family, I would probably be stuck in an office cubicle somewhere. But I was brave enough to take a risk and follow my heart. That is the best decision lever made and I couldn't be more proud of myself. Tango is my first love. I do not feel more alive than when I Tang. I am the website writer but my online name is Jungle. It represents my fierce nature.

Loukas Antonios aka “The Tango Man"

I love the quote, "Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another." Dancing with the heart is passion. And Tango is passion. It can be sad, violent, sexy, or sensual. But there is nothing in the world like the Tango. Because it takes two to Tango. I am the website editor People often refer to me as The Tango Man. I am very passionate about the Tango.

Natalia Penna aka "Glorious July"

I am a contributing writer for the website. lye been dancing since I was 3 years old. But until I started dancing the Tango, I did not know who I truly was. Through Tango, I discovered the true nature of my being. And that is the most beautiful feeling anyone can possibly experience. I love Milonga. It engages the most intense senses in the human body, especially hearing. And when the body moves to it Everything is in perfect harmony. I use the online name Glorious July. I was born in July. And I believe that I should be great in everything I do.

Georgio Tassou aka "Tango"

When I Tango, I feel alive. Dancing is everything for me. It is passion, pain, pleasure, joy, sadness, love. I love being in touch with my soul and Tango allows me that feeling. It fills my soul. I am in charge of reporting special events for the website. My family and friends call me Tango. Tango defines who I am. I embraced it with all my heart, body, and soul. In fact, many of my family members often tell me. 'When I see people dance, I think of you."

We believe in spreading love because love makes the world a better place. And through this website, we hope to do just that. We are dedicated to creating fun, engaging content that is inspirational, educative, and entertaining for those of us who experienced the magic of Tango in the unlikeliest of places you never thought would take root. If you’ve been to Greece recently and felt the real passion of an outdoor Milonga, we would love to hear about your personal story. Aside from that, send your thoughts, ideas and comments by e-mail. Help us expand our love of Greece and the unique style of Tango brought into the country.


Tango In Greece- Chicago Fan Chapter

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